Land plot can be subleased now

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the Law “On amendments and supplements to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan in order to increase the efficiency of the use of agricultural land and forest estate” No. 639 dated by 29.09.2020, which amended and supplemented the laws “On farming”, “On dekhkan farms” and the Land Code.

This package of amendments to the legislation is aimed at improving the efficiency of the use of agricultural land and forest resources.

The Land Code was supplemented by Articles 241, 242 and 243, according to which:

  • land plot can be leased on the basis of an investment agreement and public-private partnership for a period from 3 to 9 years;
  • land plot can be subleased for up to 1 year;
  • dekhkan farms and owners of household land can provide it for temporary use of cultivating agricultural products;
  • the sublease agreement must be registered in accordance with set procedure;
  • termination of the lease agreement will lead termination of the sublease agreement.

Article 13 of the Law “On farming” was supplemented by Part 3, in the cases provided by Article 16 of the Law, which gives farms the right to sublease land plots for up to 1 year.

Part 1 of Article 16 was supplemented by a third paragraph with the following content: “to provided sublease to legal entities and individuals (without the right to transfer to third parties) land plot for sowing agricultural crops”.

Article 9 of the Law “On dekhkan farms” was supplemented by Part 7, which gives the right to dekhkan farms to provide land for temporary use by legal entities and individuals for cultivating agricultural products.


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