Uzbekistan government pushes forward the implementation of its massive privatisation plan

Agency for Management of State Assets of the Republic of Uzbekistan has published the list of assets to be privatised. The list includes 26 state owned companies.

Two companies on the list were the first in the country to be listed in initial and secondary public offering (IPO and SPO) – “Quartz” and “Kokand Mechanical Plant”. In the former case, 74.98% are sold, in the latter – 64.08%.

All assets are supplemented with the information on financial performance such as: net income, the profitability of its assets and capital, net profit, equity and other funds. Important to note that the information is listed in English language as well.

Almost all companies on the list are profitable but for many their performance has been steadily declining for several years.

For this reason, Uzbekistan government is selling these and other assets. It is expected that private business will be able to attract investment, create new jobs and better manage the business.

A full list of privatised assets, as well as information on them, are available on the agency’s website .

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